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AISL-Cambridge Connect Programme 2023 


This summer, join the 5-day Summer Camp at Harrow Bangkok and Harrow Hong Kong to learn and practise PUBLIC SPEAKING, DEBATE and UNIVERSITY INTERVIEW SKILLS with Chairmen of the Pembroke Prattlers & the Cambridge Union, two of Cambridge University's best known speaking and debating societies

Pave the way to top universities and achievements beyond, to become:
 Confident Leaders
Critical Thinkers
Effective Communicators.

Registrations are exclusive for AISL Harrow Students until 31 March 2023. Only 40 seats available at each location. First come, first serve. Register your interest NOW below!  Contact should you have any questions.

这个暑假,让孩子们加入在哈罗曼谷和哈罗香港举办的AISL-Cambridge Connect夏令营,向剑桥大学辩论队的队长们学习演讲、辩论和面试技巧



现在开始至3月31日,报名仅向AISL哈罗学校在校生开放。每个地点仅有40个名额,先到先得。立刻填写以下表单报名! 如有咨询,请联系:

Academic (Student Focused)_Beijing_530 (1)

Programme Details

Academic (Student Focused)_HongKong_30 (1)

Date: 10 - 14 July 2023
Locations: Harrow Bangkok or Harrow Hong Kong
Age Group: Year 9 (International Schools) / Grade 8 (Bilingual Schools) or above 
Fee: HK$25,000 per participant* (accommodation and meals are included; transportation to/from the camp is excluded.)

地点:曼谷哈罗国际学校 / 香港哈罗国际学校
年龄要求:9年级(国际学校)/ 8年级(双语学校)或以上

* Group discounts are available * 现在报名享有团体优惠:  
Group of 3: 5% off discount 三人同时报名:5%折扣 
Group of 4: 8% off discount 四人同时报名:8%折扣 
Group of 5 or above: 10% off discount 五人或以上同时报名:10% 折扣 


Public speaking & debate practice (delivered by instructors from Pembroke College of Cambridge University) 
How to prepare for Oxbridge interviews (delivered by Keystone, a leading provider of tutors for UK School and University Entrance, IGCSEs, A Level and the IB.)

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:00am – 11:00am  Part 1: Course Outline; Part 2: Adapting to Your Audience  Logic - Structuring an argument  Using Data & Evidence Responding to Points, Rebuttal & Questions  Small Group Preparation for Final Showcase
11:30am – 1:00pm  Self-directed Study & Group Work Preparation Practice for University Entry Assessments 
1:00pm – 2:30pm  Lunch Break
2:30pm – 4:30pm Presentation Skills - How to talk on stage  Pathos- Pulling at Heartstrings  Personal Narratives, Rallying Cries and Calls to Action  Using Humour Final Showcase 
4:30pm – 6:00pm  General Introduction to Applications for Oxbridge, medical schools etc  Specific Input for STEM/Social Sciences Courses  Specific Input for STEM/Social Sciences Courses  Specific Input for STEM/Social Sciences Courses  Flexible Check-out
6:00pm – 7:00pm  Dinner & Free Time
7:00pm – 9:00pm  Leisure Sports & Activities



Toby Parsloe

recently completed his PhD at Pembroke; the winner of the College’s Riley Declamation Prize four years ago, and founding Chairman of Pembroke Prattlers (Speaking and Debating Society).

剑桥Pembroke Prattlers演讲辩论社创始人

剑桥Riley Declamation演讲辩论奖得主
Toby Chesser-1

Toby Chesser

recently completed his Master's degree at Pembroke; winner of the 2022 Riley Declamation Prize and Chairman of Pembroke Prattlers last year.

2022年剑桥Pembroke Prattlers演讲辩论社主席
2022年剑桥Riley Declamation演讲辩论奖得主
James Hutt-1

James Hutt

completed his BA at Pembroke a few years ago, and was the President of the Cambridge Union Society.



Meta Posthumus

a current Pembroke student; a winner of the 2023 Riley Declamation Prize; joint Chair of the Pembroke Prattlers currently.

2023年剑桥Riley Declamation演讲辩论奖得主
剑桥Pembroke Prattlers演讲辩论社联合主席

Expression of Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in AISL-Cambridge Connect Programme 2023. Please follow the steps below to complete your enrolment.

1. Please submit the form below.
2. AISL will verify the participant's eligibility.
3. R
egistration confirmation and payment instructions will be sent to your registered email in 14 days.
4. Please settle the payment.
Confirmation of enrolment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

感谢您对 AISL-剑桥特训营的关注。以下为报名步骤:

1. 请填写并递交以下表格作初步申请。
2. AISL将验证参加者的资格。
3. 申请确认信和付款链接将会在14天内发送到您的注册邮箱。
4. 请完成全额付款。
5. 报名成功。